Seed Beads

Seed beads are a tiny glass colored bead that are about half the size of a bb.  They are a little tricky to work with and can require a great deal of time, depending on the size of your project .  Before you start a project you should have a grid that shows you where each bead will be placed.  You can use graph paper, or make a grid on the computer.

picture 018picture 020

To make a loom you will need a board long enough and wide enough to accomodate for the project you will be making, and two small blocks to attach to that board in an upright position, and then you can use a small spring to attach to the top of each of those blocks.  Insert a screw into each block on the outside, below the spring.  You will use those screws to tie the string to and to bring the string around.  Tie your string to a screw, and weave it through the spring on the first block, then directly across through the spring on the opposite block.  Then wrap the string around the screw and bring it back around, repeating this process until you have completed your loom. (you want your loom to be one string more than your beadwork will go across, so if your beadwork is 31 beads wide, you want to have 32 strings across your loom.)  It’s a good idea to go across twice for the first and last string, so you have a double string on the outsides of your beadwork.

picture 019

Now for the fun part… will of course need your beads, and a needle small enough to go through the bead and long enough to make it through the loom, and thread the needle.  Cut off a long length of string and tie the end to an outside string on your loom.  Go through the loom with your needle ( I have found an easy way of doing this is to take a butter knife and alternate it through the loom, one over one under, then flip the butter knife up to hold a space open in the loom to stick the needle through)  once you go through the loom once, come back through the opposite direction, now going under then over, and go through the loom back and forth a few times before adding any beads, to make a good solid end to your beadwork.  Once you have a few strings across the loom, go ahead and look at your grid and see what color beads you need.  Thread the needle through the correct number and color/order beads, and thread them through the loom, then pull the string snug, and go back across for your next row.  Once you are complete, be careful cutting the strings and tie off the ends.  It will take alot of practice and even more patience, but the finished product is well worth the effort!

picture 021