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The Snapsack is documented to the early 1600’s. It’s simple design was used by both the British and French Armies well into the 18th Century.

Snapsacks are typically made of 16 oz. linen, hemp or cotton canvas. You will need… Continue reading

Market Wallet

The Wallet, or Market Wallet, is a rectangular bag with an opening in the center, made of cloth in various sizes and used as an all-purpose carrying item by civilians. It makes a great addition to a civilian kit.


The… Continue reading

Birch Bark Canoe

Birch Bark Canoe building is a timely process but is very rewarding when completed. The following video shows the process.

Char Cloth

Char Cloth is easily made with a small metal container, some cotton or linen material and a fire.

Making A Powder Horn

Tools and Supplies: A rasp, coarse and fine files, needle files, scraper, drill, hacksaw, wood-saw, various grades of sand paper and coarse and fine steel wool are all that is necessary to create a powder horn. A disc sander and… Continue reading


Oilcloth was an 18th century shelter traditionally made of hemp or linen cloth with a linseed oil coating and was semi-waterproof.


“They (Canadians) name prelart a large and heavy cloth, oil-painted in red,… to keep oneself from the rain” Louis… Continue reading



Chainmail (aka: chainmaille, chain mail, chain maille, maille or mail) is made up of a pattern (called a weave) of interlocking rings. Because the design tends to spread the force of an edged weapon (a sword or axe, for example)… Continue reading