How To

Center Seam Moccasins

Tracing feet and making a pattern is the basis of constructing a pair of center-seam eastern woodland indian moccasins. Brain Tan Leather is used for the moccasin. Trims such as fringe, beads or cutouts are inserted at the heel of… Continue reading



(Authentically made from wool or buckskin)

First thing to do is measure from the middle of your thigh down to your ankle (#1).  For Native style leggings, these should come to just above the knee.

Next get the circumference… Continue reading


Breechcloths are easy to make. You will need a strip of material (usually leather) 12 to 15 inches wide and about 48 inches long. The style and size differed from tribe to tribe. In many tribes, the flaps hung down… Continue reading

Fingerweaving A Sash

Fingerweaving is a Native American art form used mostly to create belts, sashes, straps, and other simildavid_vannar items through a non-loom weaving process. Unlike loom-based weaving, there is no separation between weft and warp strands, with all strands… Continue reading

Fur Hat

The Youtube® video below shows a way to make a fur hat that could be made from fox, raccoon, etc.

Braintan Buckskins

Buckskin is the soft, pliable, porous preserved hide of an animal, usually deer, moose or elk or even cowhide tanned to order, but potentially any animal’s hide,. Modern leather labeled “buckskin” may be made of sheepskin tanned with modern chromate… Continue reading

Seed Beads

Seed beads are a tiny glass colored bead that are about half the size of a bb.  They are a little tricky to work with and can require a great deal of time, depending on the size of your… Continue reading

Loom Beadwork

Loom Beadwork of the Plains Indians

Although the Plains Indians are often linked to their beadwork, the glass beads they used were actually of European origin and did not become popular until the mid-nineteenth century. Early plains beadwork was done… Continue reading

Parched Corn Recipe

Parched corn was a staple of early Americans and today it is the perfect pick-me-up for any outdoor activity.
Things You’ll Need:
Dried Corn
Butter, lard, oil
Cloth bags

Dry the corn. The primary ingredient of parched… Continue reading

Morel Mushroom

If paradise has a season, it must be perpetual April. Heaven knows, Missouri’s outdoors are never more paradisaical than when there are turkeys strutting in the woods, crappie biting in the lakes and fungus underfoot.

Fungus underfoot?

That’s right, April… Continue reading